IPL Safety Goggles Laser Eye Protection


  • Upgraded tanning goggles, softness and comfort, with wide border to anti-leakage, seal on eyes properly.
  • Cosmetic patient laser protective goggles, suitable for Intense pulsed light: IPL, cosmetic laser procedures, LEDs treatment, removal tattoo, teeth whitening, indoor or outdoor tanning.

Do not use sunglasses as photonic beauty glasses, dangerous!
As science and technology advance, more women are becoming interested in our various beauty programmes. For instance, products for freckle, skin renewal, hair removal, wrinkle, and other skin laser beauty. We cannot, however, ignore the harm that these projects do to us out of a love of beauty. This is particularly true in the case of eye damage, as once done, the eyes cannot be repaired.

The retina and choroid will be seriously damaged in people who are frequently exposed to strong pulsed coloured light; this is because the intensity of coloured light is very high and it flashes, causing harm similar to that caused by a high brightness continuous flashing light.


  • Protection wavelength: 190-2000nm
  • OD 6+ protection
  • Material: Rubber
  • Ergonomic Design to fit all kinds of faces
  • Reusable, Durable

2 reviews for IPL Safety Goggles Laser Eye Protection

  1. Claire Fogg

    Good product

  2. Roy

    Totally black!!!

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